Perdagangan dengan Kami



Perdagangan dengan Kami

About us

On-The-Spot Valuation, On-The-Spot Payment

At ValueMax Precious Metals, we are known for our years of experience in gold trading. As one of the largest precious metals trading specialists in Singapore today, we offer competitive trading prices, trading convenience and on-the-spot cash payment. Our long-standing commitment to giving the best value has gained us the support of a wide circle of trading partners, including traders and dealers, gold refineries and jewellery factories, as well as retailers (such as pawnshops and jewellery stores). 



Why trade with us ?

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

  1. On-The-Spot Payment

    At ValueMax Precious Metals, we have an in-house team to appraise your scrap gold on the spot. You are assured of a quick and accurate assessment of your items by our highly experienced appraisers – and an on-the-spot cash payment. If quick cash flow is important to you, you will look forward to our fast cash payment when you trade with us.

  2. Best Gold & Other Precious Metal Trading Rates

    What keep customers coming back is our attractive trading prices; we purchase scrap precious metals, and sell gold and silver bars at highly competitive rates. You will not have to worry about price fluctuations, as you are assured of a lock-in selling price and buying price.

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  3. Free Delivery & Collection Services 

    To make transacting with us as easy and convenient as possible, we provide free delivery and collection services. If you are too busy to come down personally, you can arrange for our sales representative to deliver/collect the precious metals to/from your place at minimum quantity.

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Product trade

What Do We Trade In?

What We Sell

Fine gold bars & gram bars
(including GST-free LBMA bars)

Scrap gold bars

What We Buy

Scrap gold of various purities,
scrap platinum & silver

Diamonds & precious stones

Pre-owned jewellery

Branded watches



Why Do Customers Come Back To Us?

“ We have been trading with them for the past 5 years. It is a strong, reliable and trustworthy company and we have enjoyed the mutual trust built up. Back then in our first year of trading with them, the quantity traded was quite small. Even so, they provided us with good service where we were treated as a valuable customer. Good value, good service.”
  Mr Anthony Tan ,
Owner of Crown Jewels

a B2C jewellery trading retail brand with stores islandwide


“ Have traded with them for more than 10 years. I still remembered it was Mr Yeah Hiang Nam who first introduced us to the business. ValueMax has a team of experienced appraisers who does valuation on the spot. They offer quick cash payout and good value for gold and precious metals. Would highly recommend them.”
  Mr Neo Kee Seng,
Owner of CashMax Pawnshop